IT support and PC repairs

IT support and PC repairs

Facing a problem with your computer, contact me and I will take care of it.

Be reassured, You do not have to pay if I cannot fix the problem.


Do you need a custom computer? One part is missing or is not working anymore? I am like a mechanic, I love mounting and fixing computers. Contact me and I will send you an estimate.

Software - OS

Having problems to install Microsoft Windows, Mac OS or any other software like anti-virus? Stop wasting your time and do not take any risk loosing precious data.Give me a call and help you out.

Cleaning - Virus removal

Your computer is slow? This can come from virus or overload of useless data in your Hard drive. Do not get rid of your computer, I will give it a good cleaning and a new start.

Internet - network

You are facing a problem with your modem, router? You need to set up your network?

Backup - Data recovering

Your computer has broken down? You cannot access to your photos or any other precious files? Let me have a look, I will do my best to recover it .